Our Story

We both wonder how we are so lucky to have found each other. What are the odds that two kids as crazy as us would ever cross paths and realize that the other is the missing puzzle piece to our incomplete hearts? Who knows! But we're grateful it happened!

Trevor and I met walking to the first football game of the fall 2007 season. He was new in the student ward so I figured I should be friendly, and he was just excited he could talk to girls now that he was home from his mission. I was trying to get to know the new people in the ward too so I could select the members of the council I was in charge of. I selected Trevor to be one of the council members. Little did I know I was starting what would become an eternity together. I was simply grateful for his reliability, and willingness to serve.

Trevor and I began spending a little more time together the next semester. We were in the same dinner group--a group of 8 people that take turns cooking dinner for everyone. His roommate was in charge of weekly trips to volunteer at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). I attended because I was planning to serve a mission and it was good practice talking to people about our church. Having recently returned from his mission, Trevor was eager to go too, and I was happy he came and continued to come each week. After volunteering we would spend some time just chatting in my car before I dropped him off. It was during these first few trips to the MTC we realized our a great friendship was beginning. We spent quite a bit more time in my car when we drove together on a ward campout to Moab.

Moab: I think this is where it really began. After spending hours together driving, hiking, camping, and of course flirting, we were both aware of the other's interest. I already knew he was interested in me, but it was there in Moab under the starry sky that he confirmed what I had already suspected.

Ever since that weekend we have spent almost every day together, well, almost. We found any excuse to see each other during the day or night! We would meet up for lunch and later that night we'd study together just to be with each other. Everything was a delight, except for one thing: I was going to leave for my mission (Ironically, to Tacoma). Trevor supported this wholeheartedly or at least pretended too. Even though I wasn't going to leave until the middle of July, Trevor was leaving for Jerusalem on June 24.

We spent almost every day until June 23 enjoying some sort of adventure. We went on a road trip to Denver, went boating, took mock wedding photos for a friend who needed some models, went geo-cacheing, visited different temples, and anything else that we wanted to do. It was a blast, but we barely blinked before it was time for Trevor to leave. We even spent our last night together playing until dawn. We celebrated Trevor's birthday with friends and finally escaped on a late night tandem bike ride. When the fun night was over we realized we were out of time. Trevor would be in Jerusalem and we didn't know if we'd ever see each other again. Once this truth settled in, we simply cried in each other's arms.

Sometimes you don't realize how much you love someone until their presence is torn out of your life. The building of our friendship had happened so smoothly that I didn't realize I had a best friend that I did EVERYTHING with. What was I going to do without him?

Over the summer, we couldn't stand to not communicate, so Trevor and I bought several calling cards and talked the entire time he was gone. As the story goes, I obviously didn't leave on a mission and Trevor made it back safely from Jerusalem. Trevor might think otherwise, but I didn't decide to turn down the mission because of him. I just didn't feel like it was the right thing for me. Once we were together again, however, I finally realized what Trevor had known all along. We were meant for each other!

One might say that's where the story ends, but it just begins again! With each new phase of our life a new story is told. Right now we're in the process of writing Being Engaged and we're loving every bit of it! We still take every chance we get to meet up on campus for lunch and study together at night as well as talk about and even plan for our future together! The whole thing just makes us smile and we can't wait to share our wedding day with you!